Book Launch: Why States Recover

Greg Mills launched his book Why States Recover at the Durban Chamber of Commerce on Friday 1 August.

Greg expanded on the subtitle of the book “Changing Walking Societies into Winning Nations – from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe”. “Walking societies”, he explained, are those in which a lack of development necessitates people spending much of their time simply getting from one place to another.

In Why States Recover Greg uses the concept as a metaphor to explain how undeveloped or failed states can be changed for the better. He further emphasised that for countries that have turned themselves around, this change has come from within. The “walking society” idea was interestingly reiterated by Johnny Clegg who played some “walking” Zulu songs for the audience.

Why States Recover is available from Books & Books in Durban North. Contact or 031 – 563 6288. Visit Cost: R300.


Author, Gregg Mills

Author, Gregg Mills. Photo: Brenda Daniels.

Musician Johnny Clegg. Photo: Brenda Daniels.

Musician Johnny Clegg. Photo: Brenda Daniels.


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