Puss in Boots, fun for the whole family

PUSS in Boots

Pictured here is Rory Booth, the feline hero Tiddles aka Puss in Boots in the KickstArt’s family pantomime Puss in Boots at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre until 11 January. Photo: Val Adamson




2 thoughts on “Puss in Boots, fun for the whole family

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. It allowed my inner child to delight in the joy of pantomime. My adult side guffawed heartily at the corner gags , clever quips and nudge nudge wink wink moments.
    I think that with the brilliant use of vibrant sets, many costume changes -lots of them whacky – and ongoing action, a cast of 11 appeared to be swelled to at least 20.
    I sang along heartily during all the songs. I particularly loved the true panto format of the audience being spoken to and included, the dame, the participation song , the ghosts and the line song.
    It’a joy to watch the uncensored response of the little ones; so engrossed and so honest.
    I cannot single out a single character. Each one adds their own nuance and “magic. ”
    In these worrying times, it’s so vital to escape the madness for a few hours and be thrilled and delighted.
    Thank you Greg, Stephen and all the cast and crew.

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