Get Fresh Produce Delivered from the Farm

On Heritage Day weekend in September 2015 I attended 8 Morrison Street’s celebration of South African food cultures. A friend from the UK was visiting and said she wanted to “try bunny chow at its source”, after seeing it become “the latest thing to hit London”. The said meal was on offer at this new-to-me venue so off we went. I must confess to going only to please my friend. After all, why would I want to visit some dive in old-town Durban? Well, dive 8 Morrison Street was not. Part of Propertuity’s urban regeneration programme, number eight had been converted from what looked like an old shed into an arty warehouse with several very hip retail “pods”. And the bunny chow was delicious.

Postman Pat

David Barlett and his “Postman Pat” van. Photo: Brenda Daniels

So when the EasyEating Taste Experience was billed to be held at 8 Morrison Street October through to December 2015 I was interested. Happily I got to attend the first Taste Experience on 30 October. It comprised a dinner and featured David Bartlett and his business, Eat Your Home. Eat Your Home is a fresh produce delivery business. Fresh vegetables, free-range chicken and eggs and raw organic milk are sourced directly from farms and then delivered to pick-up points on certain days of the week, or to your home/business for a small delivery fee. I’ve never gone in for delivery of groceries, finding the online process too painful and the cost of delivery too expensive.  The Eat Your Home website (, however, is very easy to navigate, the choices are simple, and the prices fair. For instance I might choose the vegetable option: The Burban – R100 – for a bachelor/et or small family – large variety, small portions and have it delivered (for free) to the pick-up point that is just a few kilometres from my home. I’m definitely interested.

David’s whole business is premised upon eating simple, fresh, local (hence the name Eat Your Home) produce, that doesn’t have to travel far before it reaches your kitchen. And judging by the young, hipster diners with whom I enjoyed my dinner, this “new” (old?) trend is catching on. My second visit to Number 8 Morrison Street was another culinary success!

Contact Ailsa Windsor ( for info on and tickets to the next EasyEating events.


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