Exodus: Gods and Kings does not disappoint

A review by Roxanne Daniels

An ominous tension is set up between brothers Ramses and Moses from the very beginning of the new biblically based film, Exodus: Gods and Kings. The lives of these two main characters are followed throughout the film; they are first seen as friendly brothers, but become enemies when Moses is exiled and then tasked by God to set the enslaved Israelites free from Ramses’ harsh rule.

The film includes all the ‘main’ events from the book of Exodus in the Bible; all the plagues are shown in full force, following on from each other suitably. A Christian could say that Exodus in the Bible is a story of the glory of God and His mighty hand setting the Israelites free by using a lowly man such as Moses. In the film however, it is more a story about the two men and their journey of being humbled to different ends.

Moses is initially against God, and will not be lowered as a man. It seems though that God, who appears to him rather strangely (this made me uncomfortable) as a little wise boy, prevails, and Moses is finally dependant on God for the Israelites’ final struggle to freedom.

I was  shuffling in my seat for the full 2 hours and 20 minutes of the film; it was gripping to say the least what with excellent filming, good acting from both Christian Bale (Moses) and Joel Edgerton (Ramses) and definitely no lack of budget for a high standard of special effects.

Although the ending of the film may be difficult to understand for those with little knowledge of the Old Testament, the film is certainly not exclusive to believers of the Bible and will be enjoyed by many.

Exodus: Gods and Kings shows in cinemas around South Africa from 24 December 2014

Christian Bale plays Moses in soon-to-be released film Exodus: Gods and Kings. Photo: Creative Commons.

Christian Bale plays Moses in soon-to-be released film Exodus: Gods and Kings. Photo: Creative Commons.


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