Brosnan thrills in The November Man

A review by Brenda Daniels

The November Man is a fast-paced thriller starring Pierce Brosnan in excellent form as abrasive CIA Agent, Peter Devereaux. The film opens in the midst of a tense operation that sees Devereaux on mission while training young CIA sniper, Mason (Luke Bracey).

Although highly accurate, Mason fails to follow Devereaux’s orders and the mission is botched: an innocent bystander, a child, is killed. The elements in this opening scene hint at what is to come in the rest of the film, introducing important strands that run throughout: an intricate plot, high-intensity action, and a surprising underlying theme of relationship. The latter gives The November Man depth and richness.

The main story sees Devereaux called in to perform a difficult mission in Chechnya. When things go awry it becomes apparent that the Russians, Chechneans and two strands of the CIA are all after one woman: Alice (Olga Kurylenko). Devereax’s and Alice’s pasts, and Mason’s former dealings with Devereaux all gradually come to light as the story progresses.

Tension is maintained throughout The November Man and the intricate plot meant I had to concentrate. The relationship element is an important one – one to which Brosnan did eminent justice.

The November Man is a thrilling, engrossing watch. It opens at NuMetro theatres in South Africa on 3 October.

Pierce Brosnan at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. Photo: Creative Commons

Pierce Brosnan at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. Photo: Creative Commons



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