How to be Unstoppable

And achieve more in business and life                                                                                                                                                                                                                       By Cindy Norcott

A review by Brenda Daniels

Cindy Norcott is a business entrepreneur who owns and runs the recruitment agency, Pro Appointments in Durban, South Africa. In How to be Unstoppable, she shares what she has learnt during her 20 years in business.

She does this using an accessible and flowing style, sharing aspects of her own business journey in a professional and not-too-personal manner. Cindy is a driven, hardworking, goal-orientated businesswoman. How to be Unstoppable is, in fact, a result of enacting one of her long-held goals to write a book. She likewise encourages readers to take action, to just get started, and to simply move in a direction in order to be motivated, rather than waiting for motivation before taking action.

Once on the move Cindy’s tips for getting ahead in your business are practical and helpful. Standouts for me include the sections on branding, marketing and customer service. These particular chapters are very specific, describing a detailed annual marketing plan, for instance, and explaining why an operations manual containing every single procedure in your company is essential. A whole series of questions to ask yourself is situated at the back of the book. These questions are ones I’ve never thought of before and are useful in establishing a direction.

Practical aspects aside, How to be Unstoppable is largely an inspiring read.   After reading this book I have been left admiring Cindy for her emphasis on integrity, genuinely caring for customers, displaying humility and having a positive attitude.

Cindy is much more than just a professional, unstoppable successful business woman, she finishes the book with a chapter on her established charity, the Robin Hood Foundation, and important aspect of her life. I close with a quote from Cindy which describes her well: “Don’t die with your goodness still inside you.”

How to be Unstoppable retails at R120. Contact to order.


Cindy Norcott's practical but inspirational book with advice about being a business person

Cindy Norcott’s practical but inspirational book with advice about being a business person


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